The Yamato is the lead ship of the Yamato-class battleships.

Description Edit

The Yamato was the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, boasting the largest naval guns in history until now. Its introduction laid the foundation for its sister ships Musashi and Shinano (which is a battleship in the Hai-Furi universe, as opposed to a converted fleet carrier in real life). Her sucesscor, the A-150 class or simply known as "Kii" was also built in Hai Furi. The Kii however is historically planned to have even larger guns of 51 inch compared to Yamato's 46 inch.

Protected by inches of belted armor, the Yamato is designed to take serious blows and keep on fighting, however the era of battleships was over the time she was put into action as carriers and submarines have completely changed the naval warfare.

Appearance Edit

The Yamato's first and only appearance is in the first episode of Hai-Furi, where it enters the bay to an unexpected welcome by Akeno and Moeka, who were young at the time. The Yamato is manned by Blue Mermaids, possibly cadets.

For the rest of the series, the Yamato remains at dry dock, undergoing maintenance and was unable to participate in the search for its infected sister ship, the Musashi.

Trivia Edit

  • Historically, the Yamato was the largest class battleship built during World War II and served as the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy combined fleet until the position was given over to the Musashi.
  • The same as the Musashi, the Yamato had her 1941 layout instead of the more well known, Operation Ten-Go layout.