Thea Kreutzer
Thea Kreutzer
Kanji テア・クロイツェル
Romaji Kreutzer Thea
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 145 cm (4'8")
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color White
Birthdate November 21
Biographical Information
Hobbies Chess, Puzzles
Favourite Food Schnitzel, Currywurst
Favourite Subject Mathematic
Weak Subject Music
Character Voice

Chitose Morinaga

Thea Kreutzer is a secondary character and Captain of the Admiral Graf Spee.

Thea Kreutzer is a 16 year old captain of the Admiral Graf Spee in the anime series “High School Fleet”. She was expelled from high school before being given the chance to command the German Cruiser: Admiral Graf Spee. Her ship, Admiral Graf Spee, is armed with 6 battleship-caliber guns mounted on 2 turrets: one forward, one aft. It also has 2 quad torpedo launchers mounted at precision angles on the aft.

Thea Kreutzer had to abandon the Graf Spee after her crew was brainwashed. They mutinied and began firing on the Japanese destroyer: the Harekaze.

Appearance Edit

Thea has white hair with a pinkish tint. On one side she has a pigtail which is held together with a black bow with red outlines. She has amber eyes and light complexion.

She can be seen wearing the black Wilhelmshaven Maritime High School uniform for officers with a golden aiguilette attached to it and a coat worn over here shoulders. She has also been seen wearing a captain's hat.