Satoko Katsuta
Katsuta Satoko infobox
Kanji 勝田 聡子
Romaji Katsuta Satoko
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 160cm
Blood Type O
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
Birthdate October 1
Biographical Information
Hobbies Russian language
Favourite Food Pirozhki
Disliked Food Sweet Potato
Favourite Subject Political science
Weak Subject Chemistry
Origin Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture
Character Voice

Chisato Satsuki

Satoko Katsuta is the Harekaze's navigator and substitute helmsman, and one of the characters of Hai-Furi. Her nickname is Sato-chan.

Her favorite saying is: “My word is my bond.”

Appearance Edit

Satoko has purple hair, with one bunch tied up, and green eyes. Apart from her school uniform, she also wears a pair of big, yellow earrings.

Personality Edit

Satoko can be candid most of the time, not afraid to be straightforward even when it doesn't help. Her fondness of Russian culture can be seen in her hobby of taking time to learn the language and eating pirozhki.

As a verbal tic, she sometimes ends her sentences with "zona."

Trivia Edit

  • Pirozhki should not be confused with pierogi. While they may seem similar, pirozhki--a Russian dish--are buns while the Polish pierogi are dumplings.