Rin Shiretoko
Shiretoko Rin infobox
Kanji 知床 鈴
Romaji Shiretoko Rin
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 148 cm
Blood Type O
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Birthdate October 29
Biographical Information
Hobbies Flee
Familiar with marine mammals
Daily Routine Draw a picture of a dolphin
Favourite Food Seafood pasta
Disliked Food Sandwich
Favourite Subject Biology
Weak Subject Society
Character Voice

Yurika Kubo

Rin Shiretoko is the chief navigator and helmsman of the Harekaze and one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi.

Appearance Edit

Rin can be mostly seen in her school uniform. She has a pair of short pigtails held in place by a pair of twin five-petal flowers. She also wears sneakers in place of the usual leather shoes.


Leave it to Rin to consider "running away" something to be proud of. She struggles a lot initially to pull herself together in a battle, whether or not the Harekaze would be fleeing.

Regardless, Rin is a nice girl, one of the few who placed her trust in Akeno and her abilities as captain early in the series.

History Edit

Since childhood, Rin lived a "run-run life," fleeing even at the faint hint of fear even if it meant leaving her friends behind. Whenever this happens, she would go to the harbor and look at the sea, which seems to calm her down. She aspires to become a Blue Mermaid, hoping to end the vicious cycle of running away.

But as the Harekaze becomes implicated in a supposed mutiny after attacking the Sarushima, Rin sees her run-run life repeat itself. Nevertheless, she mustered as much courage as she could, as she was the only person capable of maneuvering the Harekaze out of harm's way.

When the time came to stop the Hiei from infecting Chuuk Lagoon, Rin was the first to agree to Akeno's plan, inspiring the rest of the crew. While fear still grips her on some occasions, Rin has all but achieved her reason for becoming a Blue Mermaid.

Trivia Edit

Her family operates a shrine, as said in episode 10, Happy at the Equator Festival!.

She also calls Akeno sometimes Ms. Misaki, but she also addresses her as Captain, like all the other crew members.