The Musashi is the second of the Yamato-class of battleships, commanded by Akeno's childhood friend, Moeka China.

Description Edit

Like its World War II reference, the Musashi is armed to the teeth with guns of various calibers. Protected by 410 mm of belted armor on the waterline and as much as 650 mm of armor on the main gun turrets, the Musashi can take a lot of punishment, even from state-of-the-art weaponry, and still dish out as much firepower, if not more.

Like other training ships in Hai-Furi, most of Musashi's systems are automated, allowing it to be manned by as few as 36 of the school's best students.

History Edit

Moeka was given command of the Musashi, having possibly scored the highest among this year's batch of newcomers to Yokosuka Girls' Marine High School. The Musashi sallied out with several other ships on a two-week maritime exercise on the Nishinoshima New Islands.

Like the Harekaze, however, the Musashi strayed off course for some reason, losing contact with the fleet. It sailed through the night when its main guns suddenly opened fire on a nearby cargo ship, much to Moeka's shock. When she headed to the interior to talk to the crew, she noticed that her classmates--save for three--were under some spell. It would turn out to be the effects of the Totalitarian Disease.

Moeka and the surviving students locked themselves in the bridge and radioed for help. As a Toumai battle group battled the Musashi, Akeno tried to mount a rescue effort on her own but failed. The Musashi escaped, leaving sixteen crippled state-of-the-art destroyers in its wake.

After the battle, it was last seen heading towards the Philippines. However, it reversed its course at night and threatened Japan by way of the Uraga Channel. A Blue Mermaids reserve fleet responded but were crippled by the Musashi's big guns.

Soon, more ships arrived to divide the Musashi's fire, allowing the Harekaze to get close and deliver the cure to the students. The rescue operation succeeded, as Akeno and Moeka were reunited.

Trivia Edit

  • The ship is named after the ancient province of Musashi, which now consists of Tokyo, a large part of Saitama Prefecture, and a small part of Kanagawa Prefecture.

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