Aoki Momo
Aoki Momo infobox
Kanji 青木 百々
Romaji Aoki Momo
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 154cm
Blood Type B
Birthdate June 1
Biographical Information
Hobbies Manga
Room cleaning
Daily Routine Depicts everyone in a four frames manga (quite good)
Favourite Food General egg dishes
Tamago kake gohan
Disliked Food Sardine
Favourite Subject Technology (tools)
Home Economics (clothing)
Weak Subject English language
Image Color Red
Character Voice

Ohashi Ayuru

Aoki Momo is one of the characters of Hai-Furi. She was born on June 1 (astrological sign Gemini) with blood type B. Her nickname is Momo-chan.

Appearance Edit

Her brown hair is loosely tied to two low ponytails. Her turquoise hairbands that match her brownish- green eyes.

Momo wears the school unifrom, but with longer skirt and noticeably shorter socks than the standard. She also wears glasses and a red beret, which may be a reference to her artist- personality.


Momo is a girl who loves to draw manga, when starts reading manga she forget other things. Her favourite word is "Everything will shine if polished".

Trivia Edit

  • She is a great drawer, even though she seems to be embrassed when being complimented.
  • Momo is currently working on a manga about Noma Machiko, which she plans to distribute at a 'big event' in summer