Minami Kaburagi
Kaburagi Minami infobox
Kanji 鏑木美波
Romaji Kaburagi Minami
Physical Information
Age 12
Gender Female
Height 143 cm
Blood Type O
Eye Color Light green
Hair Color Black
Birthdate September 4
Biographical Information
Hobbies Medical practice
Little good in sewing
Daily Routine Research and Experiment
Favourite Food Meat and potato stew
Disliked Food Spicy food
Favourite Subject Science in general
Weak Subject Society (in whole)
Character Voice

Kana Asumi

Minami Kaburagi is the medical officer aboard the Harekaze one of the characters of Hai-Furi. She is credited with the development of an antibody for the Totalitarian Disease, thanks to her background as a medical prodigy.

Appearance Edit

Minami wears a red variant of the school uniform under her lab coat. She has a pair of braids more than halfway down her hair, held by yellow bands.


Known as the "Mad Scientist," perhaps for her love of dissection for science, Minami is exceptionally talented at 12 years old (much to the Harekaze crew's surprise). Mashimo, Mashiro's older sister, described her as the first genius since the Marine Medical University started.

Stoic as she may be, Minami can be approachable and mingle with others. Sometimes, she plays harmless jokes on others.

History Edit

Hoping to complete her marine training this school year, Minami enrolled at Yokosuka Girls' Marine High School and got assigned on the Harekaze's sick bay.

When Ritsuko and Kayako accidentally stumble upon an Abyss box containing a red-eyed rodent, Minami took the rodent custody to study it. In fact, tests showed that the virus it carried matched that in Tama's blood on the night she went berserk and attacked the supply ships Akashi and Mamiya. Her digital watch going haywire near the rodent reinforced her suspicions.

Eventually, Minami dissected the rodent and found that it did carry the virus in question. She began developing an antibody to help save the infected crew of ships like the Graf Spee and Musashi. She went with the raiding party, administering the vaccine.

Minami sent her report to the school, which began mass producing the vaccine right away.

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