Takeda Michiru
Takeda Michiru infobox
Kanji 武田 美千留
Romaji Takeda Michiru
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 162cm
Hair Color Green
Birthdate January 11
Biographical Information
Hobbies Playing Billiards
Favourite Food Wild boar meat
Disliked Food Tomatoes
Image Color Green
Character Voice

Kikuchi Hitomi

Michiru Takeda is one of the main characters of Hai-Furi. Her nickname is Micchan. She serves as the main battery turner on the Harekaze.


Not much of her personality is known, however throughout the series, she is shown to be quite positive and her interest of being a gunner is undeniable like the rest of the Surface Combat department. At one point in the OVA, she was even willing to transfer to the Musashi due to the fact that the Musashi had larger guns. However after knowing the fact that, she may not be a gunner anymore, She decided to stay with the Harekaze crew