Mei Irizaki
Irizaki Mei infobox
Kanji 西崎 芽依
Romaji Irizaki Mei
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 146 cm
Blood Type AB
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Birthdate January 28
Biographical Information
Hobbies Shogi
Daily Routine Read game record
Favourite Food Unadon
Disliked Food Cold soba noodles
Favourite Subject Japanese History
Weak Subject Physical education
Image Color Light Orange
Character Voice

Atsumi Tanezaki

Mei Irizaki is the Chief Torpedo Officer aboard the Harekaze and one of the protagonists of Hai-Furi.

Appearance Edit

Mei has brown eyes and the hair to match, tied up in a broad ponytail by a red ribbon. She also has a green hair clip, holding a lock of hair on her left. She can be seen wearing the school uniform but not without an orange cat-themed hoodie over it.


Mei finds the thrill of battle to her liking. Nothing can be music to her ears more than being able to fire a torpedo, much more an entire salvo. This also applies to depth charges. As expected, however, she doesn't like the fact of being fired at.

Her choice of quotes, notably from "The Three Major Daimyo," shows her occasional impatience. She likes the first line the most: "If the cuckoo doesn't sing, kill it."

Despite this, Mei is shown to be just as friendly as her classmates aboard the Harekaze. Over the course of the adventure, she became best friends with Chief Artillery Officer Shima Tateishi ("Tama"). Mei even accompanied Tama when she was confined due to her running amok resulting from the virus.

Trivia Edit

  • "The Three Major Daimyo" is a commonly-taught poem that describes the triumvirate of feudal Japan. The first line that Mei likes refers to Oda Nobunaga, known for his ruthlessness in the battlefield.
  • Her last name, Irizaki, comes from Cape Irizaki, the westernmost tip of Yonaguni Island in Okinawa.