Himeji Kayoko
Himeji Kayoko infobox
Kanji 姫路 果代子
Romaji Himeji Kayoko
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 148cm
Blood Type A
Birthdate August 2
Biographical Information
Hobbies Bowling expert
Favourite Food Eggplant
Disliked Food Wild plants
Character Voice

Tanabe Rui

Kayoko Himeji is one of the main characters of HaiFuri. She was born on August 2 (astrological sign Leo) with blood type A. Her nickname is Kayo-chan. In the anime, she is in charge of the second torpedo tube of the Harekaze.


Kayoko is an expert at bowling same as Ricchan and likes to eat eggplant, but she dislikes eating wild plants.