Wazumi Hime
Wazumi Hime infobox
Kanji 和住 媛萌
Romaji Wazumi Hime
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 152 cm
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Blue
Birthdate April 1
Biographical Information
Hobbies Model production (including bottle ship)
Daily Routine Strength Training (Particularly squats)
Favourite Food Kamaboko
Disliked Food Lyokan
Favourite Subject Technology (art)
Weak Subject Mathematic
Character Voice

Nitta Hiyori

Wazumi Hime is one of the supporting characters of Hai-Furi. She is 152 centimeters tall, and she was born on April 1 (astrological sign Aries) with blood type AB. Her nickname is Hime-chan.

Appearance Edit

Her blueish- hair is tied on one ponytail on left side of her head. Her hairband is green, which makes it stand out.

Hime wears school uniform's shirt with shorts. This may be because she works in engine room, which heats quickly and becomes the hottest place in the whole ship. She also wears a pink- white jacket.


Hime is a nagging type girl who always on diet, in supplement of which she performs daily strength training. Her favourite word is "God is in the details". She is also described as irritable by her fellow crew.