The Aotsuki is an Akizuki-class destroyer from Higashi-Maizuru (Toumai) Boys' Marine High School, under the command of the school's vice-principal.

Description Edit

A modernized variant of its predecessor the Takanami-class destroyer, the Akizuki-class destroyers take on an escort role, providing anti-air and anti-submarine support for the more advanced Kongou-class destroyers. It comes equipped with command and combat systems comparable to the newest destroyers currently being fielded by advanced navies.

The Aotsuki takes on the command role as the flagship, leading its sister ships in the search for the Musashi.

History Edit

The Aotsuki led a battle group of seven Akizuki-class destroyers in search of the Musashi. They immediately engaged in battle with the battleship after attempts to settle the matter peacefully failed. In an attempt to disable the Musashi's artillery, the battle group fired salvos of torpedoes but the big battleship shrugged off the insult.

Even with eight more Akizuki-class destroyers arriving to reinforce the Aotsuki, all 16 modern destroyers were crippled in the fight. Fortunately, only ten personnel were slightly wounded and no deaths.

Trivia Edit

  • The Aotsuki (H-115) shares its hull number, at least in the number, with the real-life lead ship, the Akizuki (DD-115).