Akane Kinesaki
Kinesaki Akane infobox
Kanji 杵崎 あかね
Romaji Kinesaki Akane
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 156 cm
Blood Type A
Birthdate June 16
Biographical Information
Hobbies Making Western sweets
Video games
Daily Routine Jogging
Favourite Food Cream stew
Disliked Food Anything pickled in rice bran
Favourite Subject Home economics (cooking and nutrition)
Weak Subject Social studies
Character Voice

Kanae Ito

Akane Kinesaki is one of the characters of Hai-Furi, assigned to the Harekaze's mess hall with her older sister Homare. Her nickname is Acchan.

Her favorite saying is: “Revolutionary soldier.”

Appearance Edit

Akane wears a blue apron with a squid design on top of her school uniform. She has neck-length brown hair, with one lock tied and dangling on her left.

Personality Edit

Along with her sister Homare, Akane is the daughter of the family that runs the Japanese sweets shop Kinesaki. She's as every bit knowledgeable in making sweets, especially Western ones, as her sister. However, Akane can sometimes be forgetful.

Trivia Edit

  • Personnel assigned in the mess hall follow the trend of being named after supply ships. The Kinesaki twins are named after the Kinesaki-class supply ships. Their specific namesake, the Kinesaki, was the only ship of its class sunk by enemy action during World War II.